SwedishTV is a WEBrick based web application that displays schedules for all Swedish TV channels in a nice web interface.

SwedishTV is distributed as a RubyGem. You can download it using the links below:

Install the gem as usual:

gem install SwedishTV-0.0.3.gem

When the gem is installed it will create a program called tv in your executable directory. Run it with the command:

tv [port]

This starts a web service at the specified port (default is 9901). Once the service is running, direct your web browser to:


to see the TV schedule.

SwedishTV stores your schedule preferences in the file .swe_tv in your home directory. It also stores cached downloaded TV schedules in your temp directory.

You can reach me with questions and/or bug reports at niklas@frykholm.se

// Niklas